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Yellow & Pink inspiration ~

As they say... . 
' one person's stuff to let go of, is magically transformed into truly a chance for  new inspiration for another person ~ ! '

~otherwise known as.. .
the "  Yard Sale  "
As was the case this last weekend when walking over to  my local Library for their fall " Patio Sale ".
Now, quite consciously aware of the fact that I had just held what I advertised as  the " Beautiful Yard Sale "  just a few months earlier... .

 letting go of ~  and passing on  my once cherished possessions to hopefully become  fuel and inspiration for someone else's Life. 

The still quite lovely remains of my sale was then regrouped, embellished, boxed up and delivered to this same Library to be part of their ongoing little Sunroom Shop, and now this Patio Sale that helps raise money for the library~
So, needless to say...  I was just dropping by to say Hi... as I didn't need or really want to now take anything back home with me, right~? 
~ Enter... .  the most charming…

tasting life~

we ARE  what we eat... .  .
. ...everything we eat~

our life is one big recipe... .   .  made up of absolutely everything we come in contact with.
everything we are surrounded by. chosen by ourselves or by others.
everything we taste.
Everything we.. .  

eat ~

so ~
of course, the question is... .  .

" how does your Life taste ? "