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~ the results. the baked goods... . .

r    e    s    u    l    t    s
the tangibles... .
the baked goods... .   .
in this life's
"  S    T    U    D    I    O  "

fired the
"Crackled Cherri  Pagoda  Tarts "

as life just keeps on stacking up.
layers of sweet cherries between layers of seemed hard crackled stone.

looking different from each new angle.

sometimes gathering together and forming so many separate avenues of this current life.
many stories from the single voice.

so we then mingle & share. our homes and lives and views.
what we did up 'til now.
showing bare our   b a s e   underneath. our beaming proud cherries in between and on top at the moment. piled with our inevitable layers of rock and lessons to balance.

so... .    . could be time again to 
add   a n o t h e r   layer ~*~*~*  *

~ life as clay... . .

c   l   a   y ... .   .     .
the perfect malleable substance  ~

~ just   w a i t i n g
  for our warm and energized hands to give it
l   i   f   e

a tangible expression
of... .

u  s

yes.... .   .

c   l   a   y

is yet another ' m e t a p h o r ' for our own lives.

building and growing into a unique form if we are so wise as to get out of the way and let it reveal the
m  e  s  s  a  g  e
we strive a lifetime to find.

building a strong enough base in which to support all the learnings & gatherings that we pile on top and make it through that
h   o   t 
kiln firing without cracking.
finally stable enough to balance the flourishes that we so eagerly and enthusiastically know are ours alone to display.
to feel it  to offer up  to see who we are discovering we have the
p  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l
to become.

able to put our crowning
c  h  e  r  r  i  e  s
 on top ~

starting to stand tall in who we discover ourselves to be~