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~what feeds me... . . .

so ~
 i now know for sure that what feeds me...


~period. *

~~*  *     * i will no longer make excuses for it.
nor view it as irresponsible or petty.

because... .    .

"Because the perception of beauty soothes the human heart."
of course i'm not talking an ego's worth.

i'm talking pure beauty.

the kind that can't be explained. the kind that flows  t  h  r  o  u  g  h  nature  &  people
not... .   .  because of them.

the kind you can just taste the minute you come upon it. that seeps into your skin. that flows over you like water. that is pure art-form. that is pure
.  ...creation ~

done purely as a product of i n s p i r a t i o n ~
to then, in turn
"     i  n  s  p  i  r  e    " 
whom-ever and what-ever  comes in contact with it ~ *

~  so just stop.  let it wash over you.

&  please... .   .

~ magical flowers... . . .

.   . . ...what is it about these flowers ~  ?  ?  ?
.   . . ...about these colors ~  ?  ?  ?

.  . . ...why are they so m a g i c a l when we see them from a distance~ take a closer look~ want to bring them into our homes, into our own nests~ ???

seeing & choosing them from a wide range of sources and bringing them inside with us...  to live with us.

to the point of simply enjoying... and marveling... at their entire being~

we draw them. we paint them. we try to understand them.

they're here to remind us ~*