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Thursday, July 30, 2015

new sites.. new perspective... ~ *

On the open road
or in my own kitchen ~

 i can hardly believe
 the amount of time
 that elapses between posts... .

i've changed that.

because this....
the garden
the florals
the edibles and the visuals
the bringing it close
every day.
every time... .

is who i am.
is what
i love most.

in the meantime.... .

stay tuned in,
watch for
' the book '
 feed the fish~ ~*

Friday, October 31, 2014

~ the CROW Costume Contest... . .

with an October window to install...

in between the fall Tarts...

i chose a few crows to line up in the window
for a bit of drama...
painted on my favorite crepe paper for the backdrop...
Well... .

of course, it started out
 quite innocently with a rather 'plain' crow...
and just thinking that they needed a little something
so the first one got a simple fabric twist adornment
and then the black & white papers
and the scissors
and the little pins
starting finding their way to the design table...

they had such a natural stance,
such grace,
such presence... .
( and such wisdom, that of course,
they would never tell.... )
~ with all of them
just milling about
in their little outfits...
i just had to give them numbers
for a bit of a costume parade of sorts
... and the costume contest was born.
~ so... .   .
 here now
are the entries for the
" C R O W
C O S T U M E   C O N T E S T "
(( you can vote for your favorite candidate here at my

'tu-tus & layers'....

'the elegant twist'

'curly paper wings'

'cupcake hat'

'ribbon tie'

 # 6
'paper rose'

'golden nest'

and....  #8
'polka-dot bonnet'

~so into the box they went,
off to hop into the window....

into the spot lites...
and hanging on the chandelier~*

i think they're glad they put up with all the fuss.... ~*
~ happy
h a l l o w e e n  *

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~ hold still, hold still..... thank you.......


so it's time again
 for an 
October window... .   .
(, excuse me?)

with the first
and probably last
annual... .

and yes, 
i did get a lot of
attitude and
' looks '
from the group....


('re kidding with the tutu, right?)

(....and, actually,
 i thought we were all 'guys'?)

(.....i mean, we're crows.
we just don't do this.
do we?)

(....well, i do look kind-a cool.)

~ so,  more to come.

stay tuned..... .  .     .