~ jasmine tarts......

~ the sweet, intoxicating scent of Jasmine flowers* ... .
 one of the first blooms of the spring !

i love this Jasmine
and just want to roll in it
and eat it
and.... . Become it ~* !

i end up making anything i can think of out of it ~!
first, of course... .
is a Tart ~ *
you know, i've come to love my limitations,
as they keep things and decisions so comfortingly simple.

i have just ~1~ lonely pear
 in the fruit bowl on the table
 a few berries in the fridge.

then i noticed another first bloom... .
my striped rose ~*
. ... so that had to get tucked in for a bit of taste and color.
the sweet pear sliced very thin
to show off the beautiful seeds & core hiding inside.
~ sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle ..... .   .
and there you go, a true
for the eyes, palate & soul ~ *

~ be sure to make some Jasmine sugar
to use for everything ... .

. ......... and bake ~ *
~ so sweeeeet !


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