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~ serendipity road trip... . . .

~ a beautiful sabbatical... .   .
and yes... .   . i'm back here. back to my familiar surroundings...  back from a truly passionate life - changing road trip ~ * and now that i've returned......... .  .    . i've given myself the gift of  freedom & time ~ * the most important part of our escape ~  is time to ponder it all.
time to listen. to digest. to write and see what comes out. time to see again the  g i f t s  i was given on this ride. so ~   in a nutshell... .   .
i literally checked Out of my Life for awhile. out of my home. and lovingly into storage. the sense of my freedom and my true choices were now very real.
yes, the choices of fear and displacement were also there as an option. i chose it to be a rejuvenating opportunity.... .

when do we ever get to do this ? when do we get to disconnect for a bit ? no monthly dues to dictate your every move ? time to actually stop the wheel and get out of the cage?

the chance to feel and wonder... .    .
so i did. i wen…