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~ ~~* jasmine flower layers... . . ~*

~       ~   ~~* it's all about the

l a y e r s

isn't it ?  ~ ~ ............*
i seem to always want it all. all at the same time.
fresh,  unique, satisfying,  separate,  together
always... .  a smooth flowing blend of nourishments,  of tastes and textures and thoughts and colors ~ ~ with people & food & places, comforting tradition, conversation, electric new ideas, clarity, mess. and most of all... . i want it, i need it to be full with emotions. with feeling. with meaning. with caring. with a heart.
all of this is my real  f o o d . emotions and places and people to feed to myself.
deliciously stirring in all the spicy intensities of  'real time' of real voices of real... . i think it's called  life's foods .
with all the juicy imperfections. all the wonder. the inspirations. the lessons. laughs. stories. tears. ~ so... .   .
where are we today? what are we eating? what do i think? what do i feel? who's coming along? who's there? how hungry am i? how do i know when i've arrived?
.    .  . . ..........…