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~ the results. the baked goods... . .

r    e    s    u    l    t    s
the tangibles... .
the baked goods... .   .
in this life's
"  S    T    U    D    I    O  "

fired the
"Crackled Cherri  Pagoda  Tarts "

as life just keeps on stacking up.
layers of sweet cherries between layers of seemed hard crackled stone.

looking different from each new angle.

sometimes gathering together and forming so many separate avenues of this current life.
many stories from the single voice.

so we then mingle & share. our homes and lives and views.
what we did up 'til now.
showing bare our   b a s e   underneath. our beaming proud cherries in between and on top at the moment. piled with our inevitable layers of rock and lessons to balance.

so... .    . could be time again to 
add   a n o t h e r   layer ~*~*~*  *

~ life as clay... . .

c   l   a   y ... .   .     .
the perfect malleable substance  ~

~ just   w a i t i n g
  for our warm and energized hands to give it
l   i   f   e

a tangible expression
of... .

u  s

yes.... .   .

c   l   a   y

is yet another ' m e t a p h o r ' for our own lives.

building and growing into a unique form if we are so wise as to get out of the way and let it reveal the
m  e  s  s  a  g  e
we strive a lifetime to find.

building a strong enough base in which to support all the learnings & gatherings that we pile on top and make it through that
h   o   t 
kiln firing without cracking.
finally stable enough to balance the flourishes that we so eagerly and enthusiastically know are ours alone to display.
to feel it  to offer up  to see who we are discovering we have the
p  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l
to become.

able to put our crowning
c  h  e  r  r  i  e  s
 on top ~

starting to stand tall in who we discover ourselves to be~

~ blank canvas.. . .

~ ok

sorry it's been
 sooooo o  o    o
 long since writing.
trust me, no one feels it more than i.

so all this talk, my talk of change,  or not...

just like my new ceramic pieces set in the kiln, it's in the oven~
and i'm in there with it. i can tell.
it's time for the new taupe,
my new beige  ~ *

it was easy to just keep stepping back in to the way things were. (to my life, one's life, that is...) to leave the props set up the same way.
yes, it still worked and was acceptable to most, but....... .    .
it's finally time for one of my favorite quotes:
" And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. "                                                         ~ anais nin

~ n e x t ... . . ?

~ s o ... .   .
what's next ?

~ our  life's
"  PROPS "
 are still set up.

the lights are  STILL  on
the garlands are   STILL strung
even the garnishing petals are  STILL  scattered
~ just waiting  to cushion our trusting bare feet ... .   .

our inspiration is 
t r u l y   &   g e n e r o u s l y
 all around... .   .

~ so do we... .   .
to change the props ?

.   . . ... or just step in ?

~ changes... . .

change. change. change.

by now, this surely should be a g  o  o  d word to us all.
~our friend.
if not... . the concept and it's reality is truly rather painful, is it not?

standing in our f e a r... . we think changes will take us further and further and further away~
away from our safety. from ourselves. from our comfort.

b u t .... .   .       .
actually the REVERSE is true.
this dreaded c h a n g e ~
is by divine 
'Life as we know it'/
 interruptus... .   .

.   . ...bringing us closer to what we want. what we need. what's comfortable. what's good. who we are at the core ~

even if we aren't yet ready to deal with the question of 'who we really are'... .   .
our essence will guide us. it's only goal being to be true to itself.

the hard part being that we often travel the other way.
thinking... well, that's silly. that's too easy, so that can't be it~

i must strive. i must learn. i must conform. i truly must suffer for it. ( whatever the heck 'it' is... )

then be paid…

~what feeds me... . . .

so ~
 i now know for sure that what feeds me...


~period. *

~~*  *     * i will no longer make excuses for it.
nor view it as irresponsible or petty.

because... .    .

"Because the perception of beauty soothes the human heart."
of course i'm not talking an ego's worth.

i'm talking pure beauty.

the kind that can't be explained. the kind that flows  t  h  r  o  u  g  h  nature  &  people
not... .   .  because of them.

the kind you can just taste the minute you come upon it. that seeps into your skin. that flows over you like water. that is pure art-form. that is pure
.  ...creation ~

done purely as a product of i n s p i r a t i o n ~
to then, in turn
"     i  n  s  p  i  r  e    " 
whom-ever and what-ever  comes in contact with it ~ *

~  so just stop.  let it wash over you.

&  please... .   .

~ magical flowers... . . .

.   . . ...what is it about these flowers ~  ?  ?  ?
.   . . ...about these colors ~  ?  ?  ?

.  . . ...why are they so m a g i c a l when we see them from a distance~ take a closer look~ want to bring them into our homes, into our own nests~ ???

seeing & choosing them from a wide range of sources and bringing them inside with us...  to live with us.

to the point of simply enjoying... and marveling... at their entire being~

we draw them. we paint them. we try to understand them.

they're here to remind us ~*