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~ changes... . .


by now, this surely should be a
g  o  o  d
word to us all.

~our friend.

if not... .
the concept and it's reality
is truly rather painful, is it not?

standing in our
f e a r... .
we think changes will take us
further and further and further

away from our safety. from ourselves. from our comfort.

b u t .... .   .       .

actually the REVERSE is true.

this dreaded
c h a n g e ~

is by divine 

'Life as we know it'/

 interruptus... .   .

.   . ...bringing us closer to what we want.
what we need.
what's comfortable.
what's good.
who we are at the core ~

even if we aren't yet ready to deal with the question of
'who we really are'... .   .

our essence will guide us.
it's only goal being to be true to itself.

the hard part being that we often travel the other way.

thinking... well, that's silly. that's too easy, so
that can't be it~

i must strive.
i must learn.
i must conform.
i truly must suffer for it.
( whatever the heck 'it' is... )

then be paid a lot for it.
 honored and rewarded for it.
and probably wear a white shirt while doing it.
and certainly don't equate happiness with it !

so.... .    .        .

now that we got these misnomers out of the way~

here's to what rings true for us.
what we feel compelled to pursue.
what we recognize as ourselves.
what we want and
what we love.
what we then want to share.

~ here's to our
chosen or happened 

.    .  . ..... c h a n g e ~ !

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