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n e x t Window... . " painted C a k e s ~ "

" c a k e s ! "
~ok... february is here. to me, that means something sweet.
.  . ... what's really  s w e e t  in life?
so this installation is all about ' what's on the plate? '
. ...on life's pedestal ?

my inspiration? a vision of that ultimate, fantasy  ' c a k e ' ! ~* tall, tall, never-ending  t a l l~ smooth and beautiful and etherial~ hand-painted with a sweet wash of edible pastry color~ piled even taller with layers of the darkest chocolate spread thin like paper~ pale green chopped pistachios & rose petals as confetti ~ with of course... . the ' cherry on top ' !
so... .  here's the box of goodies... the tools... the magic ~ from this... .   . .  . this. ( magic how it all fits in one little box- )
just think if we all put everything in our lives on a pedestal ~ well, pedestal... in a good way like- with a chosen "respect" and "attention". right down to the cherry filling. with the leaves and stems and pits. every detail accept…

~winter persimmon tart... . .

.  . ... so what do we do with these beautiful  p  e  r  s  i  m  m  o  n  s  ? well... . what would you w a n t t o b e ? hopefully... . certainly not the u  s  u  a  l  thing. on a cool day i'd want to be warmed up a bit in b   u   t   t   e   r ... .   . with just a sprinkle of brown sugar... . maybe just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar... . ~ my life as a p  e  r  s  i  m  m  o  n  would now be ready for anything... . ~ i could now lay myself atop a lovely chilly quenelle of the perfect ice cream~ a pure vanilla... . a peppery dark chocolate... . or spread on a nice warm slice of humble toast. but~ i think i would really like to rest on a fluffy pillow of a  spicy g  i  n  g  e  r  e  d  cream. held and wrapped in a crust made with almonds and rosemary... . then garnished with bright little squares of fresh p e r s i m m o n and feel the shimmering grains of grapefruit sugar and julienned r o s e   p e t a l s come floating down over the top. laid on a crisp sheet of parchment with the rose stem that held these petals... . then i would be prese…