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~ food for a rainy saturday afternoon... . . .


.   . ...what's on my table today ?

.  . ...what surrounds me ?

~ .  . for two, or more ?
.  . ...or one ?

it's raining on the outside of the window.  another sunny day inside.

this time, i choose ... .  .    .

  a table for one, please~  

.  . ...maybe something with an   O r c h a r d   view ?

then when i'm done,

i'll just fold this day up.. .   .   & into a drawer for another use.


or i could pass it on.

such delicious   c h o i c e s .

i'll let you know.  ~

~a food blog~? ... . . .

so... .    . you know, this is actually supposed to be a "food blog". i don't know if you can tell, really. but of course, that is the point.  well, my point anyway.
that everything we do~ is our Food. Our pure nourishment. ~or not.  ~it's our choice.
so when i approached the window display this time... . (( it being maybe one of the only windows i know of that is still traditionally based on the 'Current' season or holiday~ ))

 we are now talking... .  thee  ' giving thanks '  holiday. (( Thanksgiving~ )) so... .   .      .
what am i cookin' up here? what am i serving people? for family? for friends? and friends i don't even know yet. or in other words, the passers-by~
what do i taste and feel and nourish myself with while creating this... .  . ...and what will others taste in turn~?
first of all, i must mention, the owner of this clothing shop is quite the stylist, and quite the cook. yeah, needless to say... .  these things are dear to my heart. so, i get to ex…

. ...what we Think we need~

" The best ideas are born when you don't have what you  t h i n k  you need ! "
                                                         ~ me... i think

~ so i remember... .  back when i had the most marvelous, fantasyland opportunity with the Macy's Visual Merchandising  team. They actually called it 'a real job', complete with almost  total freedom, deserved respect, benefits...
and actually Payed me quite a bit to do it~!
  Anyway, there was a little blackboard in our Creation workshop next to the phone, the coffee grinder, ( fresh beans from the Housewares department, thank you, musssss.. . ) coffee maker, useful stuff...  mostly for messages, etc.,
that also held the permanent chalk message of :
" Repetition is the last Refuge of the Unimaginative~ " ~ These wise words seem to be ingrained in my being, like the decadent alternative food i actually crave and can choose  when finding myself 'without' whatever i think i need, which is of course …