~a food blog~? ... . . .

so... .    .
you know, this is actually supposed to be a "food blog". i don't know if you can tell, really. but of course, that is the point.  well, my point anyway.

that everything we do~
is our Food.
Our pure nourishment.
~or not. 
~it's our choice.

so when i approached the window display this time... .
(( it being maybe one of the only windows i know of that is still traditionally based on the 'Current' season or holiday~ ))

 we are now talking... .  thee  ' giving thanks '  holiday.
(( Thanksgiving~ ))
so... .   .      .

what am i cookin' up here?
what am i serving people?
for family?
for friends?
and friends i don't even know yet. or in other words, the passers-by~

what do i taste and feel and nourish myself with while creating this... . 
. ...and what will others taste in turn~?

first of all, i must mention, the owner of this clothing shop is quite the stylist, and quite the cook.
yeah, needless to say... .  these things are dear to my heart.
so, i get to express myself here via  'all things beautiful & culinary' ~

so, the Chandelier/slash/lighting source, is my own.
embellished, of course, with thee serving and eating and nourishing utensils known as
the knife, fork & spoon

then ... .
candles, colored glass jewels, the most sincere ribbon, the spun webs of a spider's gold &  silver, then the tasty pure crisp parchment paper that i so love~

so... .   .      .
what would one wear?
what shall i suggest?
what could possibly encompass all of this majesty?

to keep it fun. to inspire. to entice?
for this sensory celebration of the seasons.
the tactile color and texture and crunch !

.     .  . ...just a few ponderings~


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