~ maybe.... . just cake ?


 ~ s o .... .  .

 sometimes maybe in this life

all we have as comfort and inspiration... .  

is the simple beauty, creation & the enjoying of

c a k e  ? 


~ i'm not sure why this vision came to me..

but, it certainly rang true as i sweetly obliged and scribbled it onto the nearest scratch paper ~ *

it's a rather grounding word.... cake .

it's truly emotional. it's a kind of magic i think, the pure essence, beauty and familiarity of just the mention of the word seems to actually 'sum it all up' and make everything alright.

it seems to quietly tell us that someone out there cares enough just to make a cake and that's a nice thing to know.







or no  l a y e r s.

perched on a pedestal, simply popped on a plate or cradled on a napkin with no utensils in sight. whether we make it or someone else. 

a simple cake..... 
could be dressed with beautiful cherries or bright berries or a few chopped green pistachios with flower petals sprinkled over top or pressed into the sides.

 Cake is always happy. It's just a good thing. there is nothing wrong with cake~*

that's all, really.

(( so now....... i think i'll go make myself a little home-made magic.

 hmmmmmmmmmmm what's it gonna be ~ *


  1. ~ so true, so true... there's just a goodness about 'cake' !

  2. So glad you are writing again! And yes to cake!!!

    1. Thank you so much…. me too! ✨🍃


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