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~DEEP KISSES & full of life... .

(first of all... please click the refresh icon ^ up top, or you may not see the intended, lovely font~ there, good... )

~ l i f e ... .   . .  . ..... D E E P   K I S S E S .
deep passions. deep dedication and direction. other deep people to share it all with. and really, really feeling what you're doing.

otherwise... what the heck is it all for, anyway~? we're going around once with this Life~ (well, this time anyway... ) so what are we gonna do with the chance ~? with our own personal bag of tricks safely tucked  in our pockets ~ in our heads ~  in our hearts ~ in our computers ~ ~ ?
what would you shout from the rooftops ~? you just gotta get it out there .
so~~~~ .. .   .    .       .
the inspiration for all of this shouting~ 
just recently... .   . my computer and it's backup were stolen. all my writings. all my photos. the beautiful and passionate documenting of my Life. gone.
& yes.... .   . it's taking me awhile, it comes and goes, but of course, it is all…