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~ a sweet & happy New Year.... . .

( . .... from my communication device to yours ~ * )
~ * i   w i s h   you all
                 out there.... .  .

.   .  . ..... a truly s w e e t & h a p p y new year ~ !

~ *

paper... porcelain... twig..... & tea ~ *

~ what i seem to always need perched by my side.... is something beautiful to drink... .

.  ... so feeling a bit pressured in the studio this morning,
i decided to use the time-tested 'calm down' tea known to artists, moms, cats and children~

this time..... iced, with a bit of peach nectar for color~*
back to the studio table to create a new piece
and remembering the annual 'crow show'
from last october. inspired by these lovlies catching their shadows while walking across the design table and perched around my studio..... .   .  ..... and testing my newly made  porcelain paper clay

i decided to go ahead
'coat' a crow ~* ( too funny... )
how cool is that !
and a few natural twigs too.  several coats later... .
the wood, the crow fibers & feathers
will all burn away in the kiln
leaving all hollow inside.

... then for a little bit of 'ink' ~*

~ cheating, i know, but now... they are like immortalized! i'm sure, being cro…