n e x t Window... . " painted C a k e s ~ "

" c a k e s ! "

february is here.
to me, that means something sweet.

.  . ... what's really  s w e e t  in life?

so this installation is all about
' what's on the plate? '

. ...on life's pedestal ?

my inspiration?
a vision of that ultimate, fantasy  ' c a k e ' !
tall, tall, never-ending  t a l l~
smooth and beautiful and etherial~
hand-painted with a sweet wash of edible pastry color~
piled even taller with layers of the darkest chocolate
spread thin like paper~
pale green chopped pistachios & rose petals
as confetti ~
with of course... .
the ' cherry on top ' !

so... .  here's the box of goodies...
the tools...
the magic ~
from this... .   .
.  . ...to this.
( magic how it all fits in one little box- )

just think if we all
put everything in our lives on a pedestal ~
well, pedestal... in a good way
like- with a chosen "respect" and "attention".
right down to the cherry filling.
with the leaves and stems and pits.
every detail accepted and... .
 cher(ry)-ished !

the little cakes
just starting out... .
to the big cakes
that have been in your life for awhile.
giving our full attention
~ top... .  to bottom.
to the layers upon
upon layers of living, of experience.
( those layers seen & those frosted over~ ) 
in choosing our newest
' sweet bites '... . 
 what do we bring our forks to?
how do we pick our  ' sweet '  life?
what do we want?
. ...(full) filling ?  . ...nourishing ?
 here's to  f e b r u a r y ~*
...the month of
and love
and choices
and  ' c a k e s ! '
... . well, yummmm
i know i want mine, please, thank you

with tassels ~*


  1. Just wonderful, Julie...love the new typeface!

    1. ~thanks... so fun to transform it and give it a more handwritten look.

  2. What a magical transformation of space! You are uber talented in so many arenas my friend!

    1. ~as are you mary! i just love how the simplest things can make such a huge difference in feeling~!


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