~ life as clay... . .

c   l   a   y ... .   .     .

the perfect malleable substance  ~

~ just   w a i t i n g

  for our warm and energized hands
to give it

l   i   f   e

a tangible expression
of... .

 u  s

yes.... .   .


c   l   a   y

is yet another
' m e t a p h o r '
for our own lives.

building and growing into a unique form
if we are so wise as to get out of the way
and let it reveal the

m  e  s  s  a  g  e

we strive a lifetime to find.

building a strong enough base
in which to support all the learnings & gatherings
that we pile on top
and make it through that

  h   o   t 

kiln firing without cracking.

finally stable enough
to balance the flourishes
that we so eagerly and enthusiastically
know are ours alone to display.

to feel it
 to offer up
 to see
who we are discovering
we have the

p  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l

to become.

able to put our crowning

c  h  e  r  r  i  e  s

 on top ~

starting to stand tall in who we
discover ourselves to be~

and then... .   .

with what
 with whom
with which surroundings
 do we 

~   c  h  o  o  s  e   ~

 to stand with  ?

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