~ the results. the baked goods... . .


r    e    s    u    l    t    s

the tangibles... .

the baked goods... .   .

in this life's

"  S    T    U    D    I    O  "

fired the

"Crackled Cherri  Pagoda  Tarts "

as life just keeps on stacking up.

layers of sweet cherries
layers of seemed hard crackled stone.

looking different
from each new angle.

gathering together and forming
so many separate avenues of this current life.

many stories from the single voice.

so we then mingle & share.
our homes and lives and views.

what we did up 'til now.

showing bare our   b a s e   underneath.
our beaming proud cherries in between and on top at the moment.
piled with our inevitable layers of rock and lessons to balance.

so... .    .
could be time again to 

add   a n o t h e r   layer ~*~*~*  *

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