~ blank canvas.. . .

~ ok

sorry it's been
 sooooo o  o    o
 long since writing.
trust me, no one feels it more than i.

so all this talk, my talk of change,
 or not...

just like my new ceramic pieces set in the kiln,
it's in the oven~

and i'm in there with it. i can tell.

it's time for the new taupe,
my new beige  ~ *

it was easy to just keep stepping back in
to the way things were.
(to my life, one's life, that is...)
to leave the props set up the same way.

yes, it still worked and was acceptable to most,
but....... .    .

it's finally time for one of my favorite quotes:

" And the day came when the risk to
remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took
to blossom. " 
                                                       ~ anais nin

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