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~ serendipity road trip... . . .

~ a beautiful sabbatical... .   .

and yes... .   .
i'm back here.
back to my familiar surroundings... 
back from a truly passionate
life - changing
road trip ~ *
and now that i've returned......... .  .    .
i've given myself the gift of 

freedom & time ~ *

the most important part of our escape ~ 
is time to ponder it all.

time to listen.
to digest.
to write and see what comes out.
time to see again
the  g i f t s  i was given on this ride.
so ~   in a nutshell... .   .

i literally checked Out of my Life for awhile.
out of my home.
and lovingly into storage.
the sense of my freedom and my true choices were now
very real.

yes, the choices of
fear and displacement
were also there as an option.
i chose it to be a rejuvenating opportunity.... .

when do we ever get to do this ?
when do we get to disconnect for a bit ?
no monthly dues to dictate your every move ?
time to actually stop the wheel
and get out of the cage?

the chance to feel and wonder... .    .

so i did.
i went.

by myself, of course.
( although lots of friends were in my pocket for the ride too~)
bags and fantasies thinly packed.
no big Winnebago to maneuver. no big expectations.
i drove as i pleased.
i turned as i pleased.
off the Main roads.
into the wild.

i fed myself the gamut... .
totally funny, amazing, blown away, surprised,
Sasquatch, total bliss to Major fear for my life, recovery,
new smiling strangers, new best friends,
roadside pancakes and coffee for breakfast, cliffs, rivers,
 beaches, moss, ferns, fish, wine, beer, rocks, water,
 snow-globe videos, photos, no photos, maps, no maps...

i loved every moment just
following the Serendipity ~ *
(this bird was for you eric *)

thriving right on the edge of the cliff..

i can do that...

beach glass heaven...

the big beaches...

~ shoes...

 ~no shoes... .   .

~~~here's a walk on the beach
for all of you in my pocket... 

and the Big forests...

~more breakfasts...

and the hikes...

learning to sometimes Choose
 to follow the rules...

the x-ing scary bridge...

one of my new best friends~ guess who...

the 'no fear' dollar i stapled on the bar wall afterwards... !

crashed in the cabin with the log furniture...

next day, getting back on the horse
seeing salmon spawning in the river...

then back Over the river and thru the woods...

for a visit and a glass of wine with my new fisherman friends~

~~~and back to town... ahhhhh

cocktails? with extra cherries, of course... 

then pointed toward home... . 



suggestions ~

lots of wonderful bridges to cross...

"let us Eat pie on our journey!" ....

a formal garden in the woods...

turning back around for
apples right off the tree...

so.... .  
a bit of relaxation.
a bit of a fast ride ~  ;-)
( yes.... i do want Both, thank you )

~ so... .
now what ?
how can 'This' be my Life now ?
that was my question
perching myself in a window seat
with muffin & macchiato.
up on cloud 9 or 15 by now.
do i fit in this gorgeously uplifting place
that seems to fit as poetically as my favorite
garden glove ~ ?

then i looked up and saw this sign outside the window...
~ *
... that's how.
by "a seemingly magical process of transformation,
creation, or a combination" of both ~ *
to transform myself.
to transform my surroundings and life.
to actually come closer to what truly resonates
with what's been waiting inside.

so... . here we go !
sounds like quite a new Ride comin' up...

i survived...
knock on wood ~ 

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