~~~~ so why .. . change ? ?

. ...change ?

~  ~ ~ so why is it that some times in our Life
we sense
or feel in our bones
this pressured need for change ~ ?

why can't we just go on happily
 making up and eating a simple, beautiful
Lemon Humus... with Rose Petals
 and Sliced Cucumber for lunch .... ~ ?

like.. every day ?

or i guess,
just a lovely
nut butter & jelly
sandwich everyday ?

what is wrong with that ~?

it's healthy.
it's pretty.
.. yeah ~?

seems to be that it's just wired into our human nature
 to need and want new-ness and change in our lives.
that's what propels us forward in our evolution as people and souls.
complacency and stagnation
doesn't accomplish much.
that's all, really.

it's o.k.....~*

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