Yellow & Pink inspiration ~

As they say... . 

' one person's stuff to let go of,
is magically transformed into truly a chance for
 new inspiration for another person ~ ! '

~otherwise known as.. .

the "  Yard Sale  "

As was the case this last weekend when walking over to
 my local Library for their fall
" Patio Sale ".

Now, quite consciously aware of the fact that I had
just held what I advertised as
 the " Beautiful Yard Sale "
 just a few months earlier... .

 letting go of ~
 and passing on
 my once cherished possessions to hopefully become
 fuel and inspiration for someone else's Life. 

The still quite lovely remains of my sale was then regrouped, embellished, boxed up and delivered to this same Library to be part of their ongoing little Sunroom Shop, and now this Patio Sale that helps raise money for the library~

So, needless to say...
 I was just dropping by to say Hi... as I didn't need or really want
to now take anything back home with me, right~? 

Enter... . 
the most charming little book I've ever seen ~

" Y e l l o w   &   P i n k " 

Sorry to say, I had never seen this gem
or knew much about it's author William Steig... . and
the drawings are just enchanting~
 These two little characters are out on the grass
pondering the basic time-worn questions of Life~


so... .  I managed to escape
with only two bags of 'new' cherished items ( all the while muttering to myself and a few polite patrons within ear shot that I must be nuts.. . ) but, noticing when I got home and unwrapped my little bounty, that everything I bought was... . 

p i n k   and    y e l l o w ~!
( how weird is that? I call it serendipity, thank you~ )

... . the book, an old Pink colored glass bottle, an
unwrapped set of Yellow cocktail napkins, 
and an 18-piece set of clear glass, simple, contemporary stemware... perfect for serving that inspired little dessert with a glass of vino to ponder more of Life's questions ~

So... . 
as this weekend seems to have finally brought the Fall season to us, full of the magic of self reflection, it's time to question what's on
our Life's plates.. .

~did we put it there
~is it pleasing to our own eyes and palate
~does it nourish us


Now these lovely things that were ' let go ' by another... .
have become an inspired part of My life ~


  1. Wonderful little story of your yellow/pink day. Sounds so lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it! Laurie

  2. Glad you liked it.. I'll have to show it to you, you'll love it~ julie


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