~ a ' good-bye ' tart... . .

a  ' t a r t '  as

.... . .  good-bye ?

this passionate
" e d i b l e " 
offered as my token of farewell... .   .

to a person ?
to a chapter ?
. ... a dream ?

a tart made of
everything i hold dear.
everything that's  " me "  to offer ~

~ these sweet, fresh blueberries
warmed gently in my own rose glaze...

perched on top of a lovely lemon custard...

cradled by a strong enough 
yet gentle & crumbling sweet crust
made with a fresh herb and a pinch 
of white pepper for spice,
then adding nuts for
 ground and strength and texture...

presented humbly in a brown parchment paper cup,
surrounded with another cup of color.
 color, that i can't seem to do without...

finished with, and nestled in, and crowned in
 more petals.

so, there it is.
me, given, as one single bite.
. ...cause i just don't know how to do it any other way ~

as the songs say.... .

*   baby i give you my world... .
you can go your own way... .
you can call it another day... .

*   is this real?
is this just fantasy?
nothing really matters...
. ......any way the wind blows ~
the beautiful flip side of this record is :

hello.... .   . ? !

hello to a new chapter?
hello to a new mountain top view?
to my own new  'hell drive' ?

( ~ " moth to a flame " comes to mind here... . ? )

~ so always i ask:
what  "g i f t " did i get to unwrap here ?

and then.... .
what do i now offer in return ?

~ h e l l o !
bring it.... .    .

( . ..ok, so where's that xxxxxxx screenplay template ? )


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