~ gifts of the season. . . . .

*   ~*    h e l l o o o o o o u ~ *     *         *

~*   *     *
so... .   .

as we all scribble in the last few entries into
 this year's notebook of our life~

the family photos have been taken

 and our quiet inner visions are pasted on the back cover 
and kissed goodnight for another year.. .   .

after the gifts have been exchanged, now 
come the gifts that i give myself this year.
the gifts only i can give ~

the gifts only i know that i want.. .  and truly need.


so my holiday tree was furnished this year 
with my love of old pink ornaments~

some cool vintage silverware

and topped with my favorite, comfortable, folding

'  t a b l e    &   c h a i r s  '

(( .  . ..it even got to go for a car ride for a brief gallery appearance~*  ))

it really seemed to have adorned itself using whatever was within reach.
the flavor... .  . or   ' taste '  this year
 being a symbol of gathering
of eating
of sharing.

then as the epiphanies have come
 been hopefully noted for future use
 and gone ~

~  ~*
and my/our wishes and dreams... .  again re-evaluated ~

i give myself ~





~  ~*  *     *         *  goodbye  old  year...  .   .      .

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