~next in the Oven... . .

So... .   .

moving on
from our time of  ' Giving Thanks '... .

to the chance for just plain  ' Giving '

* * *

all the pies were made
blending tradition & inspiration... .   .

& the last bites slowly eaten.

so... .   .

next on the menu and then in the oven
is clay based ~

main ingredient:

*    p o r c e l a i n    *

a focus change to the visually edible.
right up there with the preliminary senses of sound and smell.
before it passes our lips.

these vessels that contain our so carefully chosen foods.

(  i think this would be a beautiful tart... .
i'm working on that ~ )

i guess these are a kind of ' twice baked ' food ~

to then be adorned
with a colorful glaze of powdered glass and water.
then back in the oven
for a relatively quick finish... .   .

at @  2000 degrees ~

~ wish them luck !

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